“Better Health Isn’t a Dream”–The Sleep Disorder Center

The Sleep Disorder Center is a privately owned company that recognizes the connection between sleep and good health.  We are fully Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

We know that many people feel frightened and uncomfortable at sleep laboratories.  Therefore, we designed our Sleep Lab with our patients’ comfort in mind.  Our rooms are large, private and pleasing.  Each room has  queen sized beds, techno-foam mattresses, all cotton high thread sheets, luxurious comforters and many pillows.  There are televisions and DVD players for your enjoyment as well.  Each bathroom has a large shower and we provide anything that you may need.  Our priority is your comfort.  We cannot due our job unless we get you to SLEEP.

The Sleep Disorder Center’s goal is to help you achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle, using the most up to date diagnostics and treatments.  Our dedicated team of sleep technicians, polysomnographer, doctors and office staff follow the guidelines of The American Sleep Disorders Association and The American Board of Sleep.

Please click here for contact information and directions or call 570.342.0800 for more information.